$15 for 1 oz jar

Tutorial Video on how to best use my White Velvet below
or watch directly on YouTube using this link: White Velvet Tutorial

      White velvet is a matt type powder tinted with pink vegetable dye that can be etched into patterns. After it is fired, Mother of Pearl is applied to enhance the scratched areas. Enamel or Non Ping can be added for additional embellishments. White Velvet can also be padded over fired luster, then etched. Penwork can be applied over the fired white velvet also if desired. MIXING: Grind the Velvet well on an oil free tile with an oil free palette knife to a HEAVY cream consistency with Water Based Medium, thin it with water to a LIGHT cream consistency. With a fine sponge or batting covered with sports wrap, pad evenly in a fine coat, not too thick. Left overs can be stored. If mixture thickens, add a drop or two of water & remix. ETCHING or SCRATCHING OUT: Allow the velvet to dry. With a wooden skewer, scratch out a simple design on the dried Velvet. (flowers, swirls, scrolls, leaves, etc.) Brush off excess with a clean mop brush. It's best to have lots of etching & lines that are not to think. Fire at 016-017. If desired, enamel or Non Ping embellishments may be added & fired. Lastly, paint a coat of Mother of Pearl over all etched & matt areas. Fire at 017.