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Purple Iris tile

Luster Peacock tile

Crocus tile

Sunflowers with Luster

Fantasy Orchids

White Rose Lamp

Purple Mum

Butterfly in Luster

Water Lilies in Luster

Purple Clematis Torte

Lily Pitcher

Twisted Rose Vase

Geranium Tile

Wild Rose/Lilac Tile

Stylized Pansies

Pansies in Aqua

Pansies in Gold

Hummingbird and Hibiscus

Blue Heron

Silhouette Horse

Bighorn Sheep

Turkey Snow Scene


Buffalo Vase

Sleeping Kitty

Deer Tankard

Oval Pansy Boxes

Round Hinged Box

Round Ruby Rose Box

Treasure Chest Boxes

Fan Shaped Trinket Box

Kidney Shaped Scrolled Box

Round Mum Box

Lilac Teapot

Butterfly Vase

Juicy Pears

Apple and Plum (Set)

Purple Plum Tile

Grape Torte

Winter Barn Scene

Spring Mountain Colors

Spring Mountain Scene

Waterfall Mountain Scene

Church Winter Scene Ornaments

Winter Barn or Church Ornaments

Victorian Ornaments